Screencraft’s review of screenplay based on the novel “Other Hands” by Thomas James


“The story is a fresh take on classic ideas like invasion of the Body Snatchers, the first Alien feature, and more recent ones like Divergent. There is some potential for a franchise and with a bit of tweaking, even more of a chance of a sequel and perhaps more beyond. The idea that peace and harmony can only be achieved by mind control is clever and deserves every chance to make it to the screen.” Screencraft, March 17, 2017

Everything is Everywhere

Other Hands is a science fiction psychological thriller filled with intrigue, interpersonal conflict, and scientific wonder. Astronauts “travel” to another planet by actualizing the tiny probability that they are already there – and everywhere else. Before … or should I say at the start of … the Big Bang, all the matter in the universe was confined to an infinitely dense speck of pure energy. Now, nearly 14 billion years later, everything is everywhere. With the help of a quantum teleportation device know as a “watergate,” the astronauts’ “wave functions” simply collapse 92 light years away.

Image of Cosmic Background Radiation: the “Afterglow” of the Big Bang
Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team

Other scientific and ethical questions posed in the book are: Could thought and behavior be controlled by nanotechnology? Will nanomachines become the “drug of choice” of authoritarian governments wishing to control the population? At what cost do we rid the world of crime, war, substance abuse and other abominations? As one reviewer on Amazon said, “This is not your typical humans-vs-aliens tale. It explores both the high cost of freedom and the false promise offered by an utopian society with neither hate nor love. A quick page-turner that is definitely worth the read.”